Promotional Services

Our well trained promotional teams will come to you! Upon arrival at your store our personable and experienced promotion team will set up right in front of your store! They will help your business to make the Deerfield and Wolfpack products known in your area, and will also provide a service that will undoubtedly increase your business’s sales. With time, consistency and letting customers know that Rainbow tobacco provides nothing but the best in terms of quality products and promotional services, your customers will always leave satisfied!

Generally, promotions take place over the weekend, but we are always willing to accommodate according to your business’s needs.

Rainbow Tobacco prides itself on rewarding its new as well as loyal customers with free gifts! Below are pictures of some of the great giveaways that we have to offer!

  • The Deerfield beer cooler!The Deerfield beer cooler!
  • The Wolfpack beer cooler!The Wolfpack beer cooler!
  • Deerfield and Wolfpack coffee mugsDeerfield and Wolfpack coffee mugs
  • Deerfield and Wolfpack playing cardsDeerfield and Wolfpack playing cards
  • Deerfield and Wolfpack double sided reusable bagsDeerfield and Wolfpack double sided reusable bags
  • Lighters and display racksLighters and display racks
  • Deerfield display caseDeerfield display case
  • Wolfpack display caseWolfpack display case
  • Deerfield and Wolfpack lightersDeerfield and Wolfpack lighters
  • A typical promotional set upA typical promotional set up
  • A typical promotional set upA typical promotional set up