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Wolf Pack Brand Cigarettes

Please note: These products are available exclusively to persons of First Nations status within the boundaries of Canada.

The Wolf sits among the Bear and the Turtle as one of the three Clans in the Mohawk Longhouse. The Clan system is the structure of traditional Mohawk Government. The responsibility of the Wolf is to keep the family together while leading and creating a path for all to travel down the journey of life. The path is to be followed with equality and unity while also providing enough space for individualism. Dreams and visions of individuals are considered key for the enhancement of all life. Respect for all life is first and foremost for all who travel down the path. The Wolf Clan exists today a significant part of traditional society in all Mohawk Communities.

The Wolf Pack brand was created by Rainbow Tobacco as a symbol of traditional Mohawk society. To display to the Country the beauty and strength of First Nations culture. It is also a symbol that the First Nations within Canada are a sovereign nation with their own traditional government systems that existed long before the arrival of the Europeans to North American shores.

Wolf Pack Brand Cigarettes are made with premium flue-cured Virginia tobaccos blended specifically for the Canadian Market. Canadian consumers who enjoy a lighter premium smooth filtered smoke will enjoy Wolf Pack from Rainbow Tobacco Company Kahnawake. Wolf Pack brand cigarettes are premium blend king size cigarettes available in Strong, Smooth, Mild and Menthol in 25 pack slide and shell.