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Deerfield Brand Cigarettes

Please note: These products are available exclusively to persons of First Nations status within the boundaries of Canada.

"On a February night in 1704 a war party of Iroquois and their allies at the time, the French, attacked the village of Deerfield in the northwest part of Massachusetts. The ongoing war between the French and the English was escalating and the French were attempting to extend their control down to the city of Boston. There were 111 captives taken that day, many of which were later adopted by the Iroquois and formed families with Iroquois companions. The village of Kahnawake, Quebec in Canada possesses families with direct lineage to these partnerships to this day."

Rainbow Tobacco Company created the Deerfield Brand of cigarettes to honour the history of Kahnawake. The Deerfield brand is a constant reminder of Canadian and First Nation heritage for consumers across the country.

Deerfield Brand Cigarettes are made with premium flue-cured Virginia tobaccos blended specifically for the Canadian Market. Canadian consumers enjoy a premium smooth filtered smoke and that�s what Deerfield and Rainbow Tobacco is all about. Deerfield brand cigarettes are premium blend king size cigarettes available in Original, Elite, Elegant, Chic, Blue and Menthol in 25 cigarette slide and shell packs and 20 cigarette hinge lid packs. Try Deerfield Blue with Microblue filter technology to reduce the toxicity due to smoking by more than 50%. (See the official Filligent website for details.)